Why We Should Take Off Our Shoes Before Entering The House?

Our shoes accompany us along the movements of every day, from morning to evening and mark our steps along the streets, workplaces, leisure places etc. And as we walk, they accumulate all kinds of dirt under the sole, even if we never stop to think about this. And when we return home, without thinking about this small detail, we keep walking on our floor, that maybe, we wash it with any type of detergent and disinfectant, in the hope of keeping it clean for as long as possible. Wasted effort, if we think about how we can introduce dirt into the house by simply walking on the floor wearing shoes.

Why We Should Take Off Your Shoes Before Entering The House

A much wiser choice exist and someone performs, but many others still not: to leave their shoes at the entrance and wear slippers. Yes, the comfortable slippers that give us that nice cuddle when we return tired in the evening after a day out, should be worn almost always when we find ourselves within the four walls of our house, even if it means setting aside the desire to be graceful dressed point even when we are alone or with family members.

1) Hygiene

As said earlier, the shoes we carry every day trample roads, buildings and places very dirty. What does this mean? The soles are a reservoir of bacteria that, if we do not remember to wear slippers, make entry in our house.

According to scientist, the amount of bacteria that lurk beneath our shoes can be up to 400,000, and pose a risk to us because we can contract viruses, which may progress to diarrhea, or even pneumonia or meningitis.

2) Contamination

Among the many “surprises” that can harbor in the soles of our shoes, maybe not ever consider the presence of pesticides or herbicides which can unintentionally and inadvertently step on. If you bring in house, these substances are deposited on our floor and defiled, which could become a serious problem if you have small children that crawling or playing on the floor, or put into mouth toys and other objects that are on the ground.

Same thing if you live with a pet: even our four-legged friends are at risk of ingesting toxic substances contained in pesticides or herbicides that we walked.

3) Damage the floor

Maybe you do not even think of that, but to walk in the house wearing shoes can damage the floor. Heels and soles of rubber or leather can damage both the floor, especially if delicate, but also the carpeting or rugs, in addition to soil them and lead us to wash them more often.

We can protect floors and carpets always wearing slippers, with a impact significantly softer.

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