Why You Should Avoid These Foods?

In the diet hot dogs, sausages and salami are equally undesirable, because the processed meat contains a lot of fat, and may contain up to 400 percent more salt and 50 percent more preservatives than just red meat; in order to disguise the salinity in these products dextrose is added.

– Many don’t know that bologna and salami special are not the same. Deli may contain only the proteins of the meat until a specific sausage may contain soy, gluten and skins. The same is the case with the Tyrolean Alps and sausage. Tyrol contains only the proteins of meat, and alpine proteins of other origin – says a technologist in a food company.

Why You Should Avoid These Foods

He explains that the pizza and ham products are of poor quality, because it refers to them by the worst types of meat, which is hydrogenated, and then shredded so the huge percentage of water is not visible.

Harvest says that industrially processed food has no nutritional value.

– It has too much salt and sugar, artificial colors, which the body cannot process. Processing over which are added various flavorings used in the meat and dairy industry. You have the margarine with the taste of butter, low fat cheese from processed vegetable oils. All this is unhealthy, burden the liver and kidneys, clog arteries and increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Source: healthyfoodteam

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