Why You Should Never, Ever Drink Water After Eating Hot Peppers

Do you sometimes ask the question why your mouth burns when you eat hot peppers? The American Chemical Society has released a new video in which a scientific explanation is given about our body’s bio-chemical reaction.

Why You Should Never, Ever Drink Water After Eating Hot Peppers

The strong and the almost painful reaction in our mouths is caused by the capsaicin, a substance in the peppers. Namely, the capsaicin molecule binds to the pain receptors in our mouth and sends the brain signals  due to which it reacts by organizing the body to eliminate the invader by making the nose run, the eyes teary and the body sweat, sometimes it even causes sneezing and hiccup.

Do you think that there is someone who can tell you how hot a pepper is really? Yes, there is a scale of measurement known as the Scoville scale, which explains the intensity of hotness of peppers.

The molecule of capsaicin is non polar, and as such, other non polar substances can dissolve it. These non polar molecules are not positively charged at one end and negatively at the other.

That means that instant running for water is pointless, as the capsaicin is non polar substance and thus water will not help you put out the fire. Instead, you should take milk to consume. Milk is also a non polar substance and thus it is excellent for cooling your mouth off, thanks to the presence of Casein. The casein is able to eliminate the capsaicin from the receptors in your mouth after you have consumed a Habanera or a Jalapeno.

Just to make things clearer, we attached this video that the American Chemical Society has released.

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