Why You Should Never Go To Bed With Wet Hair?

Even though many believe going to bed with wet hair is quite normal and harmless, it is very bad and dangerous habit.

Why You Should Never Go To Bed With Wet Hair

There are 3 reasons why it is mandatory to dry your hair and never go to bed with while it is still wet:

1. Headache

When the body temperature rises, the moisture heats as well, because of the wet head wrapped in a towel, which can cause severe headache.

2. You are creating an infection

Pillows are a source of bacteria. They absorb sweat, dead skin cells and natural oils from the skin. Wet hair will wet the pillow and thus will set a good environment for developing infections.

3. Hair loss

While the hair is wet it is very sensitive and powerless. It can be easily cracked, damaged and start to fall. This is why you need to dry your hair before you go to bed in order to save its health and its beautiful appearance.

Source: timefornaturalhealthcare

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