Why You Should Never Go To Sleep With Wet Hair?

Do you practice taking a shower right before going to sleep, and as a result of that you go to bed with wet hair wrapped in a towel? If the answer of this question is yes, you should reconsider this habit because it has a number of adverse consequences.

Why You Should Never Go To Sleep With Wet Hair

Going to bed with wet hair wrapped in a towel is not safe at all. Although experts have proven that the myth that you will pull pneumonia or colds as a result of this is false, it still has bad consequences over your health.

1. It Causes Headache

Unlike non-REM sleep, during REM sleep body temperature rises. With that the head wrapped in a towel is also heated and the rise of temperature and humidity might cause headache.

2. It Causes Fungi

It is not secret that the pillows are “home” for dust mites and bacteria because they absorb sweat, dead skin cells and oil from the body. Wet hair will dampen the towel, and the towel will transfer the humidity to the pillowcase and the pillow, which in combination with heat will become fertile ground for the growth of fungi.

We often don’t have time to take the pillows out in the morning in order for them to get dry, this especially happens during the winter period and all these goes in favor of development of bacteria.

3. Makes The Hair Fragile

During the night we often lay and sleep and this doesn’t suit the hair which in such conditions becomes fragile and easily torn, especially when it is wet.

Advise: You must be careful if you sleep with your head wrapped in a towel. Yet practicing this in everyday life is harmless and the towel can be great assistant of “hairdressing”.

Source: healthyfoodadvice

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