Why You Should Never Sleep Beside Smartphone

An interesting research has been made by the researchers of the Medical School of Harvard University. What they did was a comparison between the effects of reading classic books and e-reading before bed. They came to conclusion that people who prefer electronic devices have more difficulties to fall asleep and need more time.

They warned the public to avoid electronic devices before sleeping and to read classic books instead. Not only that the reading will make your sleep worse and wake up tired in the morning but it can also cause some other health problems.

The thing is that the blue light that is emitted by smartphones, tablets and LED lights can disrupt our internal biological clock. This light can also reduce or even prevent the production of melatonin-hormone responsible for sleep.

Why You Should Never Sleep Beside Smartphone

For this purpose the researchers made a survey in which participated 12 volunteers. At the begging they read a classic book for five days before sleeping. After that they go on by reading online some electronic publications on the iPad for 5 more days. Blood samples from the participants in this study showed reduced production of melatonin, which coincides with the disorder in the circadian rhythm, or our biological clock, even for an hour and a half.

Another research which results were published in the Annals of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), claims that the individuals who have decided to read on the iPad or any other smart device, will also need more time to sleep (10 minutes in average), and in addition, will have less REM sleep and will wakes up more tired than usual.

According to professor, Charles Zisler this will cause lack of sleep which is a big risk for development of cardiovascular diseases, obesity and diabetes. That is why he advises everyone to stop reading online and to read classic books in every part of the day and especially in the evenings. The biggest concern for this is for teenagers who are constantly steering at their mobile phones and tablets.

Source: healthylifebase

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