Why You Should Not Throw Away Pickle Juice! Know!

Once you eat the jar of pickles, you probably think that their water should be poured away. Wrong!

The juice from pickles not only serves to maintain the acidity and freshness, but also for several other useful purposes as well.

Why You Should Not Throw Away Pickle Juice

After Exercise Drink

Acidic liquid that pickles are stored in are high in electrolytes so you can drink it without additional accessories after hard training.

This will restore part of the important matters that you have lost from sweating. Also, this liquid is an excellent source of potassium, which prevents inflammation of the muscles. You should only separate the garlic and spices that are normally put in the jar.

Substitutes For Vinegar

Juice of pickles can be used as a “sweeter” substitute for vinegar that can spice up various green salads and potato salads. The liquid can be added in yogurt and make salad dressing. Also, the juice from pickles can soften onions and reduce onion’s sharp taste.

Source: healthyfoodhouse

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