Will She Live or Die?

Here is pathetic situation of chickens
that shows Humans are Cannibals
I’ll never know my mother. My brothers will be minced up alive or grassed. They’re going to clip my beak.
In 18 Months time, when i can’t lay them enough eggs, they ‘re going to hang me by my feet, slit my throat and cut me into pieces.

Something else they don’t show you on the packaging.
When you eat meat it’s not ‘WHAT’ you’re eating, it’s ‘WHO’ you’re eating.  

He or she had a personality and a family and wanted to live
Just because you don’t know the animals, it doesn’t mean that they’re not worth knowing. 

The egg industry is one of the cruelest industries out there, killing over 280 million male chicks a year. This is really Bad!!

You can choose not to eat animal products, the animals can’t choose not to die. 
Don’t take their lives.
Eat kind food, not misery.
Love Animals. This World is their Home too!
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