Woman Posts Make Up Tutorial Despite The Fact She’s Paralyzed

Jordan Bone is known for filming her own make-up tutorials.The truth behind this girl is that she can’t move, open or close her hands.Then, we ask : What happened? What’s wrong with her hands?

Jordan is a young woman who was paralysed from the chest down during a traumatic car crash at the age of 15.Ten years ago, Jordan was in a car crash that left her bound to a wheelchair. She became tetraplegic, which results in the partial or total loss of use of all four limbs and torso.

Woman Posts Make Up Tutorial Despite The Fact She’s Paralyzed

Jordan was depressed, she thought she would never find happiness again.

When she’d do her makeup, Jordan would fight through the tears. But she decided to persevere. Each day, she re-taught herself how to apply her makeup and each day, she got better! She says. “It’s insane how much we grow with the challenges we face.”

She added: “Doing my beauty videos is a real achievement for me because ten years ago I couldn’t even lift my arms up to put my mascara on, and it would be such a struggle.”

In the video below Jordan does away with the editing to reveal the truth behind her stylish looks. This take such courage. “I’ve had so much anxiety about posting this for you as I want it to inspire so many!” Jordan writes on YouTube.

Jordan advised that all of us can live a positive life even through a negative situation.

You just have to focus on the positives and try and enjoy your life because you only have one.

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