Women Ignore Them, Doctors Often Misdiagnose It – These Are The First Two Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer

The following symptoms are the earliest sign of ovarian cancer but they can very easy be attributed to a different medical condition because they’re fairly common. When it comes to ovarian cancerthis is the first mistake that we do.

Ovarian cancer for centuries has been called the silent killer and it’s no surprise  why. Its symptoms are so common and can often point to a totally harmless condition. The one difference is that in ovarian cancer these symptoms don’t seem to vanish. Yet, women still tend to ignore those symptoms, not aware that seeing the doctor for these “little things” can in fact save your life.

Women Ignore Them, Doctors Often Misdiagnose It-These Are The First Two Symptoms Of Ovarian CancerObserve the following symptoms closely and watch for their duration. If you notice that even after therapy and after you’ve eliminated all other possible reasonsthey’re still not fading away you need to consult your doctor. Go to your doctor if your symptoms last for more than 4 weeks and tell him what you suspect.


You probably already know what PMS bloating looks like, or when you eat something that doesn’t sit well with youoryou overeat. However you must be awarethat the first sign of ovarian canceris bloating. You could not notice it or it can be so big that some women even can’t button up their pants. One thing is for sure, ovarian cancer it’s always accompanied with bloating.

If the bloating doesn’t go away in over 2 weeks and diuretics or additional medicines don’t help, you definitely should see your doctor.

Important notice: You may often get misdiagnosed because bloating is most frequently linked to poor digestion, flatulence, nutrition, constipation and other gastrointestinal problems.

Frequent urination

If you feel like you are urinating more than you usually do,yet you haven’t increased the water intake you may possibly need to consult with your doctor. This could be an early sign of ovarian cancer so you need to check your reproductive systemandurinary tract. It usually go along with a strong need for urination on an empty bladder.

Important notice: This symptomsare usually a sign of urinary tract infection and your doctor will probably prescribe you a treatment for this illness. Follow the treatment from your doctor and if the symptoms persist after you are finished,you should definitely see gynecologist and explain your situation.

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