Wonderful Health Benefits Of Bael Fruit And The Leaves!

All parts of the Bael, especially the fruit and the leaves, have immense healing properties.


Diarrhea and dysentery

Dried fruit pulp and its powder are, generally, used for treating diarrhea.


Leaf extract of the plant is known for its anti-diabetic activity. It has been found that bael extract could significantly reduce blood urea and cholesterol level in diabetic animals.

Heart health

Bael leaf extract has proven cardioprotective benefits.


Studies have shown the fruit extract to posses antiproliferative activity. The mechanism being inhibition of the proliferation of human tumor cell lines. The aqueous extract of the fruit is a good source of water soluble antioxidants, phenolic compounds and antimutagens.



The Psoralen present in the pulp of bael fruit increases tolerance of sunlight which aids in the maintenance of normal skin color. Therefore it is used in the treatment of leucoderma.


The leaf decoction is said to reduce phlegm in cold and alleviate asthma.

Eye infection

The leaves are an effective treatment for various eye inflammations such as conjunctivitis.


The roots and the bark of the tree are used as decoction to treat various forms of fevers. The roots are used in Ayurveda to cure fevers caused by the disorders of vata, kapha and pitta.

Bel Leavesthehealingherbsofindia

Antibacterial and Antifungal

The oil extracts from the seeds of bael fruit posses antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Kidney problems

The ground leaves of bael can be used to reduce kidney problems.

Arthritis and Gout

Raw bael fruit is helpful in the treatment of arithritis and gout. Its pulp mixed with hot mustard oil when applied on swollen joints render relief from pain.

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Bael is an alkaline food and thereby helps to clear the digestive tract, detoxify the body and alleviate acidity. Please do share this helpful post with your family and friends!

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