Wonderful Health Benefits Of Onions!

Everybody know that onions are very good for health. It is a one kind of planet. Daily uses of onions helps us stay away from many diseases and infections. onions can be your best option, If you are looking for a quick heal medicine. Everyone have an idea about onion health benefits.

Onion is used to make medicine. Onion is used for treating digestion problems including gallbladder, upset stomach, and loss of appetite; for treating blood and heart vessel problems including high blood pressure, chest pain (angina). Onion health benefits are many. Onion is also used for treating sore mouth and throat, diabetes, parasitic worms, intestinal gas, dehydration, asthma, whooping cough, and bronchitis.


Onion also directly applied to the skin for bruises, warts, boils, light burns, and wounds.

Health Benefits of Onions:
Onions have antiseptic, anti-biotic, carminative and antimicrobial properties that help you stay away from infections.

Onions are highly rich in vitamin B, C, potassium, fibers, and sulphur. Onions are low in sodium, cholesterol, and fat.

If you have digestion problem, onions can cure it, because Onions can improve digestive system.

It is an immediate cure for allergies, sore throat, cough, common cold, and fever etc. One glass of honey and onion juice can cure these problems easily.

An onion a day can cure sleeping disorders and insomnia. It will surely give you a sound sleep.

Onion juice can bee bite, insect bite, and burnt skin. It can heal it very effectively but it may burn more.

Onions treats diabetes by controlling the sugar levels in the blood. It also increases insulin in the body.

Onions works against neck and colon cancers. It can be used to prevent cancers.

Onion juice is also used to cure ear problems. Onion juice is used for childs as eye drops for clear vision.

Onion juice works against lice and hair fall. This is one the most health benefits of onions.

Onion is good for memory and strong nervous system.

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