Wonderful Uses For The Lavender Essential Oil

For an easy access, you can mix in a jar lavender oil and coconut oil. You need ¼ cup of coconut oil with three drops of lavender oil. You should always use glass when working with oils because they can break down the plastic. The glass is great for the environment too.

Wonderful Uses For The Lavender Essential Oil

Stings / Bug Bites and Minor Rashes – rub the mixture on the area where the bite is. This mixture can fight against the skin problems and will remove the pain.
Cuts – you can use a Q-tip to apply this mixture to your wound to help soothe the pain and clean the area.
Alopecia / Dandruff – massage this mixture into your scalp and this will help you with hair loss, itching, and flakes.
Acne – use one to two drops of the lavender oil with your everyday face wash in order to help with the acne and to prevent some future breakouts.
Chapped Skin / Lips – massage the affected areas with this mixture.
Minor Burns or Sunburns – use this remedy on a cotton ball and apply to the affected area.
Fungal Infections – place the lavender mixture using a Q-tip onto the affected area.

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