If you did cardio or HIIT daily and had a clean diet, you noticed there is still some belly fat. Yoga and pilates stabilize the core. By doing this you also boost the metabolism a bit.

Studies claimed that yoga can change the eating habits and sleep with mood too. They also influence our weight and fat excess.

To do yoga is a start, but it is not magic for the belly fat. This fat is gained easily, and removed the most hard way.

A clean diet is a good start too along workouts at least 3 times per week.


 Here are the best 5 yoga poses for reducing the belly fat. Breathe, relax and take some time.


This pose makes the abs stronger and removes the belly fat. Also upper body is getting stronger and more flexible. Lie on the belly and stretch the legs. The palms are under the shoulders. Touch the floor and toes with the chin. Breathe and raise the chest up as you bend back. Hold this for half a minute and exhale. Do 5 reps of 15 seconds.