Worth Trying – Only Two Exercises And Two Cups of This A Day For A Completely Flat Stomach

Here are a few easy tricks:

1.Try jogging or any other steady-state cardio exercise. You will melt excess pounds and calories.

If you decide to go for a run, you will burn 100 calories per mile, and your heart will love it. Beginners should start at a low pace and distance, and gradually increase the intensity.

2. Spin classes and high-intensity biking are effective as well.

These can help you burn fat and calories at a high speed. In spin classes you chose what resistance works best for you. The harder you pedal, the more pounds you lose.

Consider starting at a slow pace, because it still is a high-intensity exercise. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Sweating dehydrates the body, and you end up exhausted.

Source: goodmorningcenter

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