X-Ray SHOCKS Doctors After Child Complains Of AGONIZING Stomach Pain

A boy of three years was having excruciating stomach aches for months and his doctor was only giving him painkillers to alleviate the pain. After some time, the little boy’s parents decided to take him to a hospital for a thorough check up. The boy had an x-ray which finally showed what was causing the pain and at the same time left the doctors speechless.

The parents took him to Metro Hospital in Faridabad, India where the doctors requested an x-ray to be done on the boy’s stomach. They were all shocked to find out that the pain was caused by a clump of metal objects inside the boy’s stomach.

The boy was immediately sent to surgery by the head of Laparoscopic Surgery, Dr. BrahmDatt Pathak. The surgeons found inside the boy 29 magnets, a battery and a coin in his gut. According to Daily Mail, the boy swallowed these thingsin his house.

The metal ball was stuck in his stomach.

Pathak said “there were 29 magnets in total which is very unusual. It seems he’d been swallowing these objects for over a year. I would even say it had become a habit for him.”

The magnets in his stomach have stuck together and made a ball that caused excruciating pain and damaged his organs. Pathak said “it was an extremely complicated case. The baby’s gut was completely damaged due to the amount of magnets in his stomach.”

The surgery went on for three hours. The boy’s family ran a jewelry business from their home and that’s probably how the boy swallowed all those things.

Some of the metals were removed from his stomach.

“If the pieces had been small enough, they would have passed through him naturally in his excretion process, but these objects were just too large and his case needed special attention,” said Pathak. “I’m sure the boy had been in pain for a long time, it’s sad his condition had not been picked up sooner.”

Luckily, the boy was kept in hospital only for a few days. His is recovering at his home now and his family is far more careful with their jewelry materials now.

If you have small children make sure your home is a safe place for them. They want to touch and play with anything that might be left on the floor. Childproof your home, it’s much better to be safe than sorry.

Source: Health Online Central

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