Want to gain weight? Try these effective yoga poses

Shavasana or the corpse pose

Perhaps the easiest and most relaxing pose that will make you gain weight is this one. Lie down flat with your legs apart and hands to your sides and one by one let go by relaxing each body part at a time. Start with your head and end on your toes. If you feel sleepy play light music.

There is a wide range of yoga exercises for weight gain. It is, therefore, important that one consults a yoga professional for this. The reason is that you wouldn’t want to suffer the repercussions of practicing yoga in the wrong way. Thus, in order to find an exercise that suits one’s body, the whole system needs to be analysed, something that only a professional yogic can do.

Along with these yoga exercises, to increase the fat in the body, one should also eat a little more than the normal amount consumed. But again, try to avoid unnecessary fatty foods. Since the mantra is to consume more calories than the amount burned, one should concentrate more on the amount of milk products you take in a day – cheese, shakes, milk, smoothies, and yogurts will help in the process of weight gain.
In short, one must practice these yoga asanas on a daily basis, along with a proper diet required for weight gain in order to see satisfactory results. Again, it is always consult a doctor before beginning any form of exercise.

Also keep in mind that putting on body weight calls for the same amount of concentration and preparation that is required to lose weight. There are no magic portions or instant weight loss powders. It takes some time – less for some, more for others – to gain weight. Yoga has always proven helpful here.

Source: onlymyhealth

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