You Could Heal Your Cracked Dry Heels Simply By Using This Home Remedy! See How?

Salt, lemon, rose water, glycerin cracked heels mask:

You should attempt this mask if you wish to have stunning smooth feet. With this home remedy you will eliminate the cracked feet quicker than you think. You could use this in 2 different ways, to wash your feet and make a mask from these ingredients.

Only if you want to clean them first, load a huge bowl with warm water and add raw salt, rose water, glycerin and lemon juice. Place your feet and delight in for 20 mins. You can likewise take a pumice stone and scrub the cracked areas on your feet.

Home remedy for dry cracked heels

To ready a mask take 1tsp lemon juice, 1tsp pure glycerin and 1tsp rose water. Mix them all together and apply over your heels. If you want to leave the mask overnight wear a set of socks. In the early morning wash your feet with lukewarm water.

Source: healthylivinghouse

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