You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Show Compassion Towards Animals!

Know this incredible story of Prathma Devi.


Is being financially challenged what it takes to be human to dogs? Pratima Devi is a rag-picker and lives in a parking lot of an area considered as one of the swankiest in South Delhi, Saket. You cannot ignore her for a simple reason that she isn’t just a normal morning to evening rag-picker who is seen on roads picking the left-over joys, sorrows thrown by you and me. She is also a messiah of dogs who are living a blessed life.

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Devi has been single-handedly feeding over 70 dogs since almost 30 years now and was awarded with the Godfrey Philips Bravery Award in the year 2009 for her ‘social bravery’. She refuses to stay with her own children and rather calls these innocent animals her own kids.

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