You Have Hemorrhoids? This Is The Best Natural Remedy For Healing It!

Every person suffering from them knows that hemorrhoids are very unpleasant health disorder. They can be especially painful for middle age persons. This is a very unpleasant disease and it is manifested in shape of nodules at the end of the colon, on the varicose veins, i.e. on the rectum.

You Have Hemorrhoids! This Is The Best Natural Remedy For Healing It!

These nodules can be both, internal and external. In most cases they are soft and painless. However in some cases they can get inflamed and then they can cause some serious pain in that area. Bad nutrition and bad lifestyle are often the cause of this unpleasant disease.

This disease affects mostly people who lead a bad lifestyle and have bad nutrition. This means that people who don’t consume the necessary amount of fruits and vegetables are most likely to get this disease. Also you should know that people who are mostly sitting during the day and don’t move much can also get this disease. However the most important thing is that this disease can be recognized in its early stages. One of the first symptoms of this disease is the unbearable itching in the anus area.

Healing of the hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be healed with evaporation over strong tea of green onion leaves and ivy leaves. You should evaporate every morning and every night for about 30 minutes. In order for this remedy to work, you need to repeat this procedure for several days.


  • 40 g of stone fem stems
  • 40 g of sticklewort’s flowers and leaves
  • 40 g of ling
  • 40 g of oak bark
  • 20 g of teucrium
  • 20 g of ivy leaves


As for the preparation, first of all you need to chop nicely all the ingredients and then mix them well. Next thing you need to do is measure 10 grams of this mixture and put them in 1 liter of boiling water. Now cover the pot and cook this mixture for about 1 minute. After a minute, put this pot aside and let it to cool down. Finally strain this cold tea and pour it in a glass bottle.


Consume 1 dl of this tea 3 times a day, before meals. Remember, you need to take one spoon of honey, after every dose of this tea. For better effect, you can take another 0.5 dl of this tea after a meal and the after drinking the tea you need to take a teaspoon of natural olive oil.

Source: My Healthy Food Tips

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