YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THIS YET – Here’s How Healthy Cells Turn Into CANCER! (VIDEO)

Revolutionary videos have been made and they can help in the discovery how cancer appears precisely!


Scientists have managed to record how a tumor appears in healthy cells. Cancer cells literally recruit the healthy cells by sending them something like a tentacle and then they adjoin it to the cancer cell. Everything can be seen on the video below.

Researchers from the University of Iowa have confirmed this recruitment by cancer cells. In that way the cancer cell becomes a part of the tumor. They say it only takes 5% of cancer cells in a tissue so that tumor appears.

– The most important thing is that cancer cells recruit healthy cells. They don’t adjoin one to another passively. That process is active. There are specialized cells for passive processes and they only need a smaller number to recruit the others – says David Sol, a Professor of Biology on the University of Iowa.

Take a look at how the healthy cells behave:

This videos could precise what has been called tumor cells e.g. stem cells of cancer. Maybe cancer could have been stopped, if we managed to stop those cells.

Now, it should be discovered how these tumor cells know what to do and what leads them towards wrong information. This knowledge will certainly contribute for cancer to be an illness which belongs in history.

Here’s how tumor cells act:

– There must be a reason why these tumor cells do that. It’s like they’re creating a defensive layer which will protect them from the organism’s attempt to destroy them – says Professor Sol.

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