You Often Belch? Do You Know What Your Body Is Trying To Say?

Professor of medicine at the Langone Medical Centar at the University of New York, dr. Rosini Ray reveals few symptoms on which you should pay attention.

If you feel like you have sand in your eyes or are frequently bothered by belching, it would be good to “hear” what your body is trying to say.


Frequent belching

Belching is release of swallowed air from the stomach through the mouth. However, frequent belching may be caused by gastric ulcer. It is best to immediately visit a doctor and check because chronic exposure to acid can cause cancerous changes.

Feeling of “sand in the eyes”

Sometimes a foreign body can damage the lining of your eye. Symptoms may be feeling as if you have sand or dirt in the eye, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, red eyes, tearing eyes. If you have these symptoms, do not take anything in your hands but immediately see a doctor who will give you the proper treatment.

Swollen or painful legs

Pain in the legs, muscle cramps, change of skin color can be a sign of blood clots. They are common after long flights or if you smoke, take oral contraceptives. Blood clots are serious and can be quite fatal.

Wounds on the lips

Many people occasionally have small sores on the lips or mouth because of which eating and drinking is difficult. If your sores do not disappear after three weeks, it could be a sign of a serious problem, especially if nothing hurts.

Source: healthy-advice

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