You Want To Eat Hot Dogs? Then Please Read This

Do you like eating hot dogs with a lot of ketchup and mustard? Although this might be delicious for you, it affects your body negatively…

1. It creates fatty deposits: Hot dogs aren’t something that a nutritionist would recommend because they contain a lot of calories. In combination with a white bun, add another 100 calories that are directly converted into fat in your stomach.

2. They are full of sodium: All types of hot dogs are full of sodium and fat. A healthy hot dog doesn’t exist not just because its fattening but because when you consume it you are also consuming a lot of sodium along with it, which isn’t healthy at all!

You Want To Eat Hot Dogs Then Please Read This

3. Chicken hot dogs aren’t healthy: If you’ve decided on chicken or turkey hot dogs because you think they contain less fat, you might be right, but you still have to be careful because many producers add more salt rather than natural fats. For example, turkey hot dogs have 2gr of saturated fat and contain 99 calories, but they have 500mg of salt, while chicken hot dogs have 600mg of salt, which is almost a third of the recommended daily intake. If you add ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise, the consumed amount of salt increases further.

4. They are full of nitrates: Nitrates and nitrites are common additives that prolong the shelf life of these types of food. The increased intake of nitrates is associated with an increased risk of cancer.

5. They aren’t of organic origin: It’s very difficult to find hot dogs that are made of meat made from organically raised animals that haven’t been fed antibiotics or hormones.

6. They affect pregnant women negatively: Hot dogs often develop the bacteria listeria that causes listeriosis. This disease can lead to miscarriage, still birth and many other serious health problems.

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