You Will Be Astonished Of How Much Weight You Will Lose If You Take Tablespoon On An Empty Stomach Of This Miracle

  • It is excellent for common health issues such as fungal infections, bug bites, diarrhea, fever, flu and cold.
  • Prevents development of atherosclerosis.
  • Prevents heart attack and heart disease
  • Reduces cholesterol and  hypertension

In order to detox your body from chemotherapy, Garlic can be also combined with ginger and onion.

How To Use This Veggie?

The active ingredient in garlic – allicin, loses its medicinal effects when cooked so it is best to consume it raw.

Crush some garlic and let it stay for 15 min. Allicin is more bio-active it is crushed.

It would be perfect to consume this miracle on an empty stomach because the full stomach is not able to absorb all of its nutrients.

Honey And Raw Garlic

Make a mixture between a tbsp of organic honey and 2-3 crushed garlic cloves.

Consume this combination every day and improve your overall health, get rid of the excess fat and energize your body like never before!

Source: healthylifemaster

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