You Will Never Throw Away the Banana Peel After Reading This  

Banana peel is so beneficial for various things. It contains antibiotic, antifungal and enzymatic properties. Also, it is full in vitamins B6, B12, potassium and magnesium. Plus they are nutritious andthey are moist.

If you live in America, you are probably tossing the banana peels into your trash. However, many people in other countries (as India)are taking advantages of their nutritional benefits for centuries.

banana peel

Even though a banana’s flesh is sweet and soft, the skin is fibrous, thick, and a little bitter. In order to consume the peel, because as we all can assume, it is not very edible, you may either blend it into various smoothies, or bake, boil, or fry them for about 10 minutes. This way you will make the peel easier to digest and chew, because the heat will break down the skin’s fiber and will loosen up the tough texture.

Consuming banana peel is not just good for our body, but is also good for the environment.

Bananasarethe most popular fresh fruit in USA. The average American consume 11.4 pounds of bananas. Therefore, we believe the most of you are having bananas at home right now. So, next time when you eat banana do not throw away the peel because it can be of great help in your house. Read why:

  • Brighten up houseplants

Do you have dusty or dingy leaves on your houseplants? If so, don’t even bother to mist them with water that will just spread all the dirt around. Instead, wipe down every leaf with the inside part of the peel. It will eliminate all the grease on the surface and replace it with a gleaming shine.

  • Polish shoes

Banana peel is a great alternative to shoe polish. Just rub the shoes with the inside part of the peel. Then, buff your shoes with some soft cloth. The shoe polish contains potassium and bananas are full of potassium. Your shoes will last longer, because the natural oils from banana soak into the leather.

  • Acne

In order to reduce irritation and inflammation, as well as prevent outbreaks, you can rub the banana peel over a certain area every night before sleeping.

  • Whiten teeth

As we mentioned before, banana peels contain potassium which is thought to help whiten the teeth. You should choose a banana that seems just ripe, because that is when the levels of potassium are optimal.

Rub the inside of the peel alongside your teeth till they get completely coated into the banana paste.

Apply for about 2 minutes, and then leave the paste for 10 minutes. When you’re done, you can brush the teeth with toothpaste in order to remove the residue.

  • Warts

You can eliminate warts with banana peel. Simply, apply a piece of a banana peel on the wart and protect it with a bandage, or you can just rub the inner side of the peel on the pretentious area.

  • Bug Bites

You should rub a banana peel on bug bites to reduce itching and calm your skin.

  • Psoriasis

The banana peel can also cure a psoriasis in just a couple of days. Scrub some banana peel on the affected place one to two times per day. It also has the abilities to relieve itchiness, moisturize the skin, and cure psoriasis in only a couple of days.

  • Rashes and itches

Relive your itches and rashes by using banana peel. Just rub a banana peel over the painful area 2 times a day until is completely gone.

  • Headache

It can help you heal the root cause of your pain due to the high potassium content. Just take the banana peel and hold it through the forehead and the back of the neck.

  • Helps with Hemorrhoids

In the case of hemorrhoids, the peel from this incredible fruit is amazingly effective. All you need to do is to scrub the peel on the certain area for about 5 minutes, 4 to 5 times per day.

Source: Natural Healthy Team

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