You Won’t Eat Meat Ever After You Read This!

A recent Huffington Post piece entitled “What Your Meat Eats” shares a list of unsavory things fed to farmed animals on today’s factory farms.

The article reads: “Bringing a whole new level of discomfort to the term ‘you are what you eat,’ animal feed is legally allowed to contain certain amounts of the animal it is being fed to. Yes, that means sometimes there is dead goat meat and bones in goat feed and ground up chicken in the feed given to chickens.”

“One component of some animal feeds is something called ‘poultry litter’ — basically, the waste (read: poop) and spilled feed that is swept up from the floor of barns that house chickens,” continues HuffPo. Added to this “poultry litter” are the feathers, bones, blood, and other remains of slaughtered animals.

Wrapping up the list? Candy. That’s right. Some farmers are even feeding candy to livestock as a way to reduce the cost of feed.

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Does all this make you sick? Well, if you’re eating animals you might actually be sick, as health consequences of meat consumption include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, and increased risk for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

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