Your Farts Can Tell This About Your Health!

Flatulence is not something that we discuss when we are in a polite company, but it is a subject of jokes for both young and old people. Everybody does it from time to time. As a matter of fact, your farts can reveal a lot of things about your health.


What Are Farts?

Farts are a mixture of swallowed air which accidentally enters your digestive system while you are breathing and gas which is produced by the bacteria found in the lower intestines. The bacteria found in the intestines makes gases since it breaks down starches and sugars that are not easy for the body to digest. This process of bacteria breakdown creates around 2 and 6 cups of gas per day, which need to emerge somewhere.

Frequent farting is a sign that you have a healthy bacteria collection in your intestines and that you consume enough fiber.

Decipher the farts

The smell or the frequency of your farts can reveal a lot about your health.

Stinky Farts

Around 1 % of the gas which is produced by the intestines is scented. That scent is usually hydrogen sulfides, which is a gas that is created when foods which contain sulfur are broken down. Foods which contain sulfur include red meat, cauliflower, broccoli, dairy products or beans.

Very Stinky Farts

If your farts have a really awful smell that could be a sign of a possible health problem. Provided that you need to fart immediately after you have consumed dairy, there is a possibility that your body has difficulty in breaking down the lactose.

Very stinky and frequent farts can also be a sign of a chronic diseases like celiac disease or irritable bowel syndrome.

Scentless Farts

Farts which are scentless are totally normal and healthy. The farts you sometimes release are simply accumulation of air that is swallowed while talking or from drinking fizzy drinks.

Constant Farting

A normal person passes gas around 20 times per day and constant farting is not something you should worry about. Nevertheless, take a look at a few tips on how to reduce excessive bloating and gas.

People who consume a healthy vegan diet are more inclined to constant flatulence than their counterparts. This is because the vegetarians consume vegetables which are sulfuric in nature.

Nevertheless, constant farting which is accompanied by bloating, discomfort or a strong odor may be a sign of a food allergy.

Flatulence Myths Debunked

To hold it or to let it go? Is it harmful to hold it?

Holding farts can lead to abdominal pain and bloating. If you feel the urge to fart you better do it.

Loud or quiet? Does it makes a difference?

Some farts are really loud while others happen unobserved. However, quiet and loud farts are the same. The volume of your fart has nothing to do with your health.

Male or female? Does it matter?

Men are those who are surrounded with stereotypes about flatulence while women are considered angels who do not fart. However, both men and women fart equally and they equally produce smelly gas.

In What Way Can Smelling a Gas be Helpful For You

Farts contain a compound, known as hydrogen sulfide, which is responsible for the scent of a rotten-egg. Surprisingly, this can be healthy for you. A recent study,which was published in the journalĀ Medicinal Chemistry Communications, found out that inhaling small amounts of this compound can help against damage of cell mitochondria, which is the cells powerhouse, and all the more against cancer. Reversing or preventing mitochondrial damage can be important for treating heart failure, stroke, dementia and aging, and arthritis.

Source: healthyandnaturalworld

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