Your Fat Cells Are Making You Fat And Swollen. Here’s How To Cleanse Them

Human body has the natural ability to eliminate toxins. However, we live in a toxic world, so it fails  to perform its function properly. Vital organs become overburdened, and cause severe health issues.

There are two types of toxins: water-soluble and fat-soluble. Toxins in the first group get eliminated through blood stream and kidneys. On the other hand, fat-soluble toxins represent a real problem.

Environmental chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, preservatives, food additives, pollutants, and plastics are the most common fat-soluble toxins. They have to go through a specific process and turn into water-soluble toxins so the body can eliminate them easily.

This is liver’s main function, but when it does not perform its function normally, toxins spread into the blood stream, fatty tissues and brain. They can spend years in these cells. Eventually, the organism is compromised by a severe ailment.

Regulate your digestive system, stress and perform regular detoxification to prevent the accumulation of toxins in tissues.

How does this work?

After consuming your meal, nutritional and toxic fats go to the small intestine. Bile from the liver has the role to emulsify them. Millions of villi and lacteals, or mucus membranes, sweep the gut, and absorb nutritional fats.

Toxic fat are passed to the liver, where they go through processing and get eliminated. When this process is impaired, the body tends to store toxic fat instead of getting rid of it.

The most essential half inch of the body

The very beginning of the lymphatic system is referred to as the Gut Associated Lymphatic Tissue (GALT). This part goes around the intestinal tract and is considered to be the most essential half inch of the body. At this point the villi absorb and process fats, including both nutritional and toxic. For this purpose, the mucus membranes in a quarter inch of the inner intestinal wall must function normally. A quarter inch of the outer gut should not have any blockages.

The lymphatic system around the intestines takes absorbed fats to the liver where they go through a separation process. Good fats start creating cholesterol and prepare to be eliminated. When the lymphatic system is blocked, this process does not mark any success.

Congested GALT affects the lymphatic system and cause elimination problems, excess abdominal fat, bloating, skin irritation, itchy sensation, swollen limbs, swollen breasts, tenderness, especially in women during their menstrual cycle, hypersensitivity, headache and stiff joints.


Unhealthy dietary habits and stress have a huge impact on the villi and affect bowel movement. Continuous stress has the ability to dry out the intestinal mucus membranes and lead to constipation, making them produce reactive mucus. Excess mucus means that your stool shall be normal, but that does not mean that you are healthy, not to mention that unpleasant bloating. Even more excessive stool may make the stool loose. If you have mucus in your stool, make sure you take any action. If you do not do anything to solve your problem, the villi congest and stuck into excess mucus.

This affects normal immune response and your intestinal health. Eventually, toxins go back to the liver. Make sure your villi do not become too wet or too dry to avoid this problem. Maintaining a proper balance is hard and delicate, but you have to manage it. Stress is not the only factor that compromises the villi. There are many other factors including food additives, processed foods, coffee, carbonated drinks, and acidic pH levels.

The pathway of toxic fats

Optimal bile flow is essential when it comes to maintaining health at optimal level. Bile eats fats and has the role of immune system responder in the digestive system. It collects chemicals that harm health. If your diet is rich in fiber, your bile ends up in the toilet. But, if you do not eat foods high in fiber, about 94% of the bile goes back to the liver and passes through a recycling process. This overwhelms liver and it fails to process toxic fats.

Over time, the liver gets congested and the bile becomes sludgy. This is why your body cannot process that juicy hamburger or fatty meals. The bile becomes too thick and fails to buffer stomach acids that tend to enter the small intestines. The villi become irritated and the body produces more mucus. Later, the bile becomes viscous and blocks the pathway of pancreatic enzymes into the small intestine. Your pancreas and gallbladder use the same bile duct. When the duct congests, you are likely to experience digestive problems.

Overwhelmed liver

The burden of bile and toxins in liver is the reason why fat-soluble toxins end up in the blood flow. Then, they reach fatty cells and spend years inside them, triggering oxidation and degeneration. Toxins get to fatty tissues in the entire body, even in the brain. They are transformed into neurotoxins and trigger cognitive problems and health imbalance.

Burning more fat means burning toxins

Ayurveda is focuses on making the body melt fat. This makes it easy for the body to eliminate toxic fats. A nervous system that is free of stress is a sign that your body is able to burn fat easily. Many factors contribute to a proper fat melting process, and lifestyle habits have a major role when it comes to this issue. Your digestive tract, lymph and bile flow regulate your body’s ability to burn fat and perform detoxification.

Food allergies and the inability to absorb ‘good’ fats

Congested villi and lymph affect your body’s ability to absorb good fats. This is the lead cause of wheat, dairy and soy allergies. The body cannot digest these foods and produces excess mucus.

In conditions of excess mucus in the intestines and gluten being not broken down, intestinal walls get irritated and stimulate mucus production. This affects the function of your intestinal wall to provide a health barrier in the body. In some periods we succeed to eliminate dairy and wheat products, but they cannot remain out for longer.

Constipation and loose stool indicate that there is something wrong with your detoxification and assimilation pathways. If you feel like heavy meals get stuck in your stomach, your bile flow may be affected and you are more prone to accumulate toxic fats in your body. You can cure this conditions using simple methods.

Ayurveda offers particular practices that protect your intestinal wall, flush your lymphatic system and de-stagnate bile and liver. Certain cleansing programs flush bile and boost fat metabolism. This provides amazing results what it comes to eliminating toxins that have accumulated in your fat cells, liver and brain.

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