Your home can help you lose weight – Know how!


Change colour of your dishes

If you go for plates with a lighter or darker hue, you will be tricking your brain into eating less food. Researchers found that people who had low contrast between their food and their plate served themselves 30% more food as compared to those who had high contrast between their plate and food. So, all you need to do is get yourself a dark coloured plate if your food is lighter in colour and if you are having dark coloured food, get a light coloured plate to serve it.

Get smaller dishes

It’s basically a no brainer. You need to serve food in smaller dishes to eventually serve yourself less food. If you use larger bowls or larger plates, you eat more. Even studies are available to support this fact. Smaller bowls or plates will make you eat lesser.


Hand a mirror close to your dining table

Studies reveal that people who ate dessert while looking into a mirror, at less of the dessert and spent more time in looking into the mirror. Researchers suggest that “presence of a mirror can make unhealthy food less tasty by increasing self-awareness”.

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