Your Shoes Could Make You Sick! Read!

No matter how often you clean your house, every day I guess, a lots of bacteria and germs just wait for you out the door. At university of Houston the scientist made a study in which they found that 40% of doorsteps samples were infected with C. difficile bacteria, and even 39 % were from shoe soles.


So you probably want to know why this is such a big problem, so as the name of the bacteria C. difficile familiar as C. diff. it is not so easy to deal with it. Probably the couple strains are resistant to antibiotics. This bug can transfer a watery diarrhea and sometimes it can pass to dangerous colon inflammation.

In the New England Journal of Medicine it is suggested that near half a million of people are infected with this bacteria per year, and sometimes the case my complicated, tells the fact that 35% are hospital patients.

Wondering how this bacteria coming to your porch? The shoe of the sole are exposed of contamination of diverse sources and regularly contaminates our doorsteps. says study author M. Jahangir Alam, PhD.

Poop from different animals including birds is some of the grossness your shoes are in contact with. That scat can carry C. diff spores, Alam says.

The spores actually can live on a surface for moths. When someone ingests spores from the c. diff. they are exposed of getting sick.

So if you want to avoid germs in your house and not to spend so much time on the toilet just put your shoes in front of the door, do not get in with them – according to doctor Alam.

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