You’ve been sitting on the toilet wrong your whole life. This is how to do it right

This may sound absurd but believe me, this may be a solution to your upset stomach. The way you sit on the toilet seat can be an answer to improve your digestive system.

Western toilets are very common nowadays and you probably sit on the toilet seat similar to how you sit on a chair.  May be sometimes you bend your head down a bit while pressuring your gut. But did you know that this is so incorrect and unhealthy position possible?


Not many are aware but this position disrupts the natural passage of the intestines and blocks them. This requires a lot of exertion on the muscles to complete the process and may be tiresome at times. Many a times, this can lead to severe disorders like constipation, colon cancer, irritable bowels and hemorrhoids in several people.

But since you can remake or renovate your toilet all over again, there is a solution to this and a very easy one. All you need to do is to   keep your legs raised to maintain a 35-degree position as opposed to the 90 degree angle you used earlier. You can do this by using a stool or stepper to keep your legs on it while using the toilet. This position will help the body and intestines to act naturally and take its own course.


Many cultures in the east use this position even today to take care of their morning rituals. Try it today and you will notice the difference right away.


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